Monday, April 22, 2013

TWO New Mystic Manor Videos, Including Attraction Pre-Show !

TWO new Mystic Manor full ride videos were uploaded on Youtube, and the first one below includes the attraction pre-show! As there is often more than one vehicles in the same room you will also see the ride decor from a different point of view, and there is even a scene that was not visible in the previous video, which confirms that riders won't see necessarily exactly the same scenes when they will ride.

Videos: by alex young, Benson Lok


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's one of the best dark rides ever!

It has everything that a dark ride should have; very well done AA's, good effects, a great ride vehicle, very nice decors, originality and a good story.

I hope that they make a new Haunted Mansion in Shangaî using these affects and I really liked the connections they made with the Haunted Mansion, like the picture of a pretty woman that turns into the Medusa.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I also forgot to mention the ride lenght, which is also nice.

All E-Ticket attractions for me should have more than 5 minutes at least.