Monday, May 13, 2013

Disneyland Paris Frontierland Update

D&M contributor Max Fan is back today with a short update about Disneyland Paris Frontierland Cowboy Cookout Barbecue Restaurant as the country musicians are back in it and Max even filmed a video of them playing.

From opening day the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue Restaurant has always been one of my favorite, not only because its theming but also because of the great lighting inside. The exterior of the building was entirely repainted two years ago. 

Great WDI Imagineer Pat Burke beside buying all the historical props that you can see all over Frontierland worked mostly on designing the exterior of the barn and finish applications of themed period materials on roofing and siding. Pat was not involved with interior placement of props, it's Imagineer Barbara Wightman who did that. Karen Armitage should also get a lot of credit for designing the Cowboy Cookout and Cecil Dover who did much of the lighting fixtures for it and other restaurants in Frontierland's Thunder Mesa. Ron Esposito was the man who gave the Cowboy Cookout the beautiful ageing and final paint finishes as well as in all of Thunder Mesa. 

Pat Burke also did the Corn Mill Shed, the Circle D Ranch and pond, the windmill and pump house and all the farm wagons like the one for the bandstand, water wagon and horse drawn field graders. He also worked with landscaping on the placement of rocks for the stream and fencing layout and themed gates. Pat also wish they would put back over Frontierland front gate Fort entrance the moose antlers which Michael Jackson approved of in 1993 during his midnight visit.

Guests can now meet Pluto who signs some autographs...

...but what make stem charm of the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue is indeed the country music played at the center of this huge barn while you enjoy your meal.

Here is Max video where you'll see and hear them playing!

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DisWedWay said...

Would love to stop off the train right now and walk through Thunder Mesa and experience it again after so many years. Time moves only as fast as the rivers current carry's the riverboats around the Big Thunder Island. Than time starts all over again, never any ageing for those living in Thunder Mesa.

Anonymous said...

It´s such a pity (or a shame?) that from next week on BTM will be closed for almost 4 weeks.... Of course they need to refurbish the "Old Lady", but every year during springtime for a MONTH???

Anonymous said...

Hi. FYI. For some reason, D&M keeps crashing safari on my pad this week.