Thursday, May 16, 2013

HKDL Mystic Point Grand Opening : The Explorer's Club Restaurant and Archives Shop

In this third part of my today's Mystic Point article series celebrating the opening of Mystic Point at HKDL we will have a closer look at the Explorer's Club restaurant and Archives merchandise shop.

The Explorer's Club is Mystic Point main restaurant. Although i've been told that some of the artifacts of the beloved WDW Pleasure Island Adventurer's Club have found a new home at HKDL Mystic Point, the Explorer's Club is just what it is supposed to be, i.e the land restaurant with different rooms themed on different countries, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, China, and more...

Next to the Explorer's Club is The Archives shop, Mystic Manor merchandise shop, and this one looks pretty cool and with an interesting architecture and theming.

Even better, it seems that you'll be able to find some really cool merchandise at The Archives shop, including some inspired by a scene of the ride like this darts game with Albert the monkey, inspired by the ride tikis room scene.

Inside the Magic has posted a video in which HKDL Imagineers will tell you more about the new land and the Explorer's Club as well as The Archives shop!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Disney - Inside the Magic


DisWedWay said...

Alain it should be mentioned that a lot of the original artifacts used here in the Explorers Club did come from Pleasure Island's Adventurer's Club, but they had a life before that. They were purchased actually by and for Disney Legend Ken Anderson's Africa Pavillion for World Showcase on many of his research trips to Africa. When Africa failed to get a sponser, it's genuine African Artifacts were pulled for the new Adventurer's Club. One may feel Ken Anderson's actual spirit roaming about in the Club checking on his treasure's. I wouldn't be surprised to see a painting of him here on one of his many trips.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

On the first picture that I've seen I didn't like the look of the Explorer's Club, but looking at it better now I think that it looks very nice.

The Archive shop is also beautiful; Disney has landed another awesome land with this one!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I've just seen the video now and I'm really disappointed that the Explorer's club is a counter service restaurant; they have really lost a great opportunity to build a nice restaurant there! It looks kind of nice, but a counter service doesn't fit the theme; it's supposed to be a club of rich eccentric late 19th century gentleman.

And it is amazing that Lord Mystic found Chinese people everywhere he went!

Anonymous said...

the reason why its counter service is because Halloween is a big event here in HK, with massive traffic. Also the park lacks restaurants in general to cope with busy days and weekends. i m also dissapointed, since they should do sth like Blue lagoon restaurant, but yet i understand their commercial decision