Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WDW Magic Kingdom "A Pirate Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas" Scavenger Hunt Looks Really Cool

The new WDW Magic Kingdom interactive game "A Pirate Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas" opened recently and i have to say that it really looks pretty cool. One of the reason might come not only from the "Pirates" theme but also that it is located in Adventureland. I think that this kind of scavenger hunt fits better in Adventureland. 

Of course the Pirates theme is just perfect for this but i have to say that WDI Imagineers did a really great job and all the special effects whether they are small ones or others more sophisticated are wonderfully done. Yes, it's just a scavenger hunt, but it's the one you could dream of when you were a kid, with a bit more of technology in it. 


So let's have a look at it with some Youtube videos recently filmed and i also repost below the great concept-art, this time in high-def, so click on it to see it in big size.

The first video is from Walt Disney Imagineering with WDI Imagineers  Jonathan Ackley and Matt Beiler talking about this new interactive quest.

"In the game, the fate of piracy in the Caribbean rests in the hands of new pirate recruits, who, armed with magic talismans and treasure maps, embark on five different pirate raids throughout Adventureland to collect valuable treasures, while Captain Jack Sparrow’s magic compass guides them".

There is five different Pirates raids and the videos below shows four of them with, of course, what's happening and the different effects, so spoilers ahead.

Each guests receives a talisman - a RFID card - and a map and here is an example of one, click on it to explore in in big size. Picture from

There we go for the videos and the two first ones are from the always excellent Jeff Lange and show the "Heads You Lose" raid and then the "Blackbeard" raid.

The two next videos are from WDW News Today and show the "King's Ransom" raid and then the "Guardian's Curse" raid, and you better don't miss the cool final effect of this one.

I don't know what you think of all this but personally i really like it a lot. And i think that it would be very welcome if they would introduce something similar at Disneyland Paris Adventureland!

Artwork : copyright Disney

Videos : copyright Disney, Jeff Lange, WDW News Today


DisWedWay said...

This would have been perfect to incorporate into the Swiss Family Robinson tree House for the interactive part that was needed and tie into the Pirates ride nearby at Disneyland. Would love to see Swiss Family return there. Maybe it could be worked into the other Swiss Family Treehouse's like Paris Disneylands.

Anonymous said...

Could be perfect for Paris' Adventureland as unlike Sorceres don't rely on oral language but only visual effects.

Hope on day to explore Adventureland Bazar, Adventure Isle, the Temple du Peril and around the Spanish Fort searching for those clues ^^