Thursday, May 16, 2013

HKDL Mystic Point Grand Opening : Mystic Point Garden of Wonders

Here is the second article in my Mystic Point series articles to celebrate the Grand Opening today and tomorrow of HKDL new land. The part one is below, and in this part two we will have a closer look to the other magical area of Mystic Point, the Garden of Wonders, a garden with antiques artifacts delivering optical illusions that HKDL guests can enjoy.

In the Garden of Wonders, several ancient sculptures and mosaics with unbelievable 3D illusions are displayed. Guests must view them from particular angles to unlock their mysteries, which offer the most bewildering and mystifying photo-taking experiences! Anamorphic sculpture and bas-relief anamorphic pylons which looks separated in three pieces but when one look at them from a precise angle the pieces magically come together like if they were one. 

As vast as Lord Henry’s collection is, precious artifacts from different historical backgrounds are temporarily stored at the Mystic Point Freight Depot, artifacts with which guests can have fun by putting their face at the right place. 

Mystic Point Freight Depot is also the place where Lord Henry’s grandnephews share stories with Guests from their adventures with Lord Henry. They have also invited friends they have met along the way to join them, and cultural ambassadors appear in traditional Native American, Egyptian, Bulgarian, Indian and Mexican attire, further enhancing the exotic international flavor of Mystic Point.

I have a great new video to share with you, probably the best i've seen so far showing Mystic Point and you'll see the Garden of Wonders as well as the whole new land like never before. The video also include the show at Mystic Point Freight Depot as well as the whole Mystic Manor ride!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright stgemmy

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