Monday, October 28, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Musical At Last Playing in France !

It took 20 years since Beauty and the Beast musical started in the U.S to have the musical coming to France but that's it, the french version of the awarded musical is now on stage at Paris Theatre Mogador, where the Lion King played before. Bringing U.S musicals to France have always been difficult and originally Mogador was supposed to play a french version of the Mary Poppins musical. Finally it'll be Beauty and the Beast, and you know why? Because they didn't succeed to find the right voices for Mary Poppins!

Anyway, this french version of Beauty and the Beast looks not bad and you can see some excerpts on the video below. Choose to watch it in 720p definition!

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Anonymous said...

This production looks far better than the touring version we had in the UK a couple of years ago.

Might try and take a look when I'm Paris next as I know the story, even though my French is appalling!