Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Breaking : Five Years Old Child Badly Injured in Serious Accident at DLP Pirates of Caribbean

This is a very bad news indeed as a five years old child is very badly injured after an accident that happened wednesday afternoon at Disneyland Paris Pirates of Caribbean.  According to Le Figaro newspaper article here is what happened.

The accident happened around 4.20 pm and the Seine et Marne Prefecture has confirmed the accident, saying that so far they have contradictory informations on the child condition. The young boy named Iban was transferred in emergency to Necker Child Hospital in Paris. Some hours ago the prognosis was extremely bad and it was announced that the young child was between life and death but just a few minutes ago it was announced that, thanks God, his life was out of danger which doesn't mean yet that he will recover in perfect condition.

It seems that the child who was doing the ride with his father fell over from the back of a POTC boat and then was hit by the next boat coming behind. The child was destabilized when the boat was moving to arrive at the load/unload station at the end of the ride, but before arriving to the unload station. "The child fell down and was blocked under the boat, under water" said Anne Chavarez the police chief in charge of the investigation "and was quickly removed by his father, other guests and DLP cast members who instantly sound the alert.  Editing: the same police chief declared that "the child seems to don't have noticeable injuries" - at least outside but he might have been hurt inside his body by the weight of the boat after he fell down. More infos coming soon.

What you need to know is that generally the boats arriving at the end of the ride are stopped for a few seconds waiting the unload of  guests from the boats ahead. Then the boat start to move again, a bit suddenly, and there is a small lift during which the boat goes up to the unload platform. Now, if you have a five years old child not sit in the boat and standing on the side instead than sitting in the center of the row then there is a real risk that what seems to have happened happen. Add to this that the boats may look light when you do the ride - because they're floating - but are in fact extremely heavy and you'll understand how dangerous it can be to fell down and be blocked under, specially if you're five years old. I don't know yet for sure if this is what exactly happened but considering that the accident happened at the end of the ride it might be the explanation of this terrible accident.

Although the ride itself is apparently not responsible for the accident, DLP management declared that the attraction "will be closed until further notice and we will fully collaborate with the authorities for their investigation". They added "We're deeply sad of the accident that happened this afternoon, and since we are at the side of the young Iban and his family".

Although others accident happened recently on others DLP attractions, including two on Big Thunder Mountain this is the first time that an accident happen at DLP Pirates of Caribbean. Disney and more wish to the young Iban the best possible recovery, as soon as possible. This accident also reminds us how important it is to have young children sit between their parents in the middle of a row and never on the sides of the boat, and that they stay sit until the complete stop of the boat.

Below, a video from the BFMTV News channel talking - in french - about the accident.

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mr.Lime said...

The only way somebody can fall out of a boat at PoTC is if he/she stands up during the ride, specially when the boat restarts after a short stop. But ... aren't guests suppose to sit down at all times during the ride? Aren't there numurous warning signs telling guests to remain seated at all times during the ride?

Almost every time we ride PoTC (or IaSW), we've witnessed guests acting irresponsably during both rides ... specially children standing up, moving seats, hands outside of the boats etc. I my opinion the accident is completely the fault of parents who are not watching their children or telling them they have to remain seated ... so totally irresponsable parents ... as usual.

I really hope the poor child will recover completely, and that the parents get some sort of punishment (maybe taking lessons in how to be a responsable parent) ... because such a bad accident in such a slow ride with numerous warning signs ... makes me really feel sorry for the poor kid, and very mad at the parents.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's very sad and I also wish the best possible recovery to Iban, but I have to say that this is sheer stupidity from the park guests, not from Iban, as he is just five and still not aware of the risks, but from his parents. It says in almost every Disney ride "remain seated at all times".

It must be very hard for the park to control the stupidity of some guests! Once I was in Disneyland riding Big Thunder Mountain on the night of New Year's Eve and on the way up a stupid guest stood up on the train. As they have cameras on the ride, they stopped the train for security reasons and we were evacuated on foot from the ride because of that.

It took a long time for them to evacuate us, but I enjoyed because I walked inside BTM caves and could see how many effects work (they are very simple!).

I imagine that similar situations to this one happen all the time on Disney Parks and they can end very badly, as unfortunately was the case with this boy...

K. Martinez said...

I just hope the boy recovers and is okay. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

This is sad news but sorry the parents are seriously at fault here, I`ve been going to DLP for 11yrs now and Pirates Of The Caribbean is one of my fav rides, the thing is here the staff are NOT demanding that all times people sit in their seats until the ride has finished as due to the end of this ride the boat does jolt slightly, so going on this story the father as stupid as he is lets his child either stand up or sit on the rear end of the boat which then when it jolts you would fall into the water, DLP are really NOT at fault here but the parents, you have to be at DLP to see what these parents get up to and believe me you would be shocked that they get away with half the stuff they do, I do hope the child has a speedy recovery but in NO WAY is DLP at fault here and should not have their good reputation spoilt for this families stupidity...

Anonymous said...


This is sad to hear. Once again the only way to fall out of this type of ride is to be standing up when you are not supposed to be standing up. This is another sad example of parents not watching there kids at all times. I have a 4 and 6 year old. You cant take your eyes off of them for a second. When they tell you to remain seated and keep small children in the center of the boat, it's for a good reason to avoid situations like this. This is a sad and hard lesson for these parents to go through and I pray the child is ok.