Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-Men Days of the Future Past First Trailer !

20th Century Fox just released the first trailer of the new X-Men movie "Days of the Future Past" to be released in 2014, with an interesting script and directed by the brilliant Bryan Singer. Here it is!

Picture and video: copyright 20th Century Fox


Ju-osh M. said...

Just what I’d hoped for: Melodramatic Mutants!

It’s nice to once again see mutants crying, Xavier whispering regrets, and Hugh Jackman gripping his head in…what? Pain? Frustration? In order to make his hair do that cowlick-on-the-sides-thing?

Whatever it is, I’m loving it. ALL of it.

IMO, Bryan Singer’s X-films are the most tonally faithful comic book adaptations to date. The soap opera love stories, the unbridled teen angst (exhibited even by adults), mutants as a metaphor for [your cause here] — this is all the stuff of classic, Chris Claremont X-Men. And I ADORE Chris Claremont's X-Men!

For the record, X2 remains my favorite superhero flick EVER. While the main storyline with the parked wheelchairs is a bit of a bore, there are so many AMAZING character moments dispersed throughout.

A few of my favorites? I thought you’d never ask!

1. Nightcrawler asking Mystique why she doesn’t use her power to look like everyone else, and her responding, “We shouldn’t have to.”

2. Magneto explaining to Pyro that mutants are gods walking among insects.

3. Bobby icing Wolverine’s beer — both Wolverine’s reaction and the look of restrained delight on Iceman’s face in getting that reaction.

4. Iceman ‘coming out’ to his parents.

And who doesn’t love that Nightcrawler opening sequence? That sh*t is crazy fun!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't have anything against melodramatic mutants, but I think that action is missing from this trailer. Where are the sentinels? It would have been awesome to see them!

X2 is not even in my top 10 super hero movies list. My favorite super hero movie is the first Iron Man, followed by the Dark Knight and Avengers. My favorite X-Men movie is X-Men First Class.

This one has a lot of potential, but every Super Hero movie need good action and fight sequences.