Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brian Rechenmacher "Walt Disney at Disneyland" Artwork

Here is a series of artwork named "Walt Disney at Disneyland". The style will remind you the artwork of SHAG, but they're not done by SHAG! The artist is Brian Rechenmacher who is a great fan of SHAG and i think he did a real good work, didn't he? Brian website is HERE and after the pics i tell you more.

Now, yes, SHAG artwork is great undoubtedly - and a fantastic colorist - but if you Brian was inspired by SHAG, from who SHAG was inspired? I'm going to tell you a little secret and i'm almost 100% sure that SHAG know his work. I'm talking about an artist named Miroslav Sasek. Sasek did a series of book for children in the 1950- 60's about many cities of the world called "This is... New York or London, or Paris, Rome, etc..." which were immensely popular in the 1960's-70's. You MUST discover Sasek work as he was a GENIUS. When you will see his books you will probably think "it looks really like the 60's style" except that nobody was drawing like Sasek before him. I mean: he invented this artwork style.

The good news is that Sasek books are currently being republished and are just as popular as before. The bad news is they didn't did the scans for the reprinting rfrom the original artwork but from scans from the previously published books pages.  Which means that the colors are not as good and vibrant as in the original books. Although SHAG is great i find Sasek superior to him as there is more humor in his artwork. 
I always wished to be able to meet SHAG to ask him the question if he knows Sasek work as it is impossible that he don't know him, you'll see why. 

Here is the link where to find the newly published books on AmazonBut if you can afford it try to buy instead the original editions which are treasures! Look at THIS ebay page, the first versions are the ones copyrighted in the 1960's, not the years 2000. If you must buy only three of them, choose "This is..." London, or New York, or Paris, or Rome, or Hong Kong, or San Francisco. But don't miss "This is London" which is great. 
Also have a look HERE to see pictures from Sasek books.

Pictures: copyright Brian Rechenmacher


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The artwork looks great! Is it going to be available for purchase?

I must say though that the Tomorrowland picture with Walt is historically inaccurate, since he is seated in a bench with the 1967 version of Tomorrowland in the background and we all know that unfortunately he wasn't alive to see the opening of the New Tomorrowland with the people mover in 1967.

I don't know if this was an "artistic license" or a mistake from the artist...

Jake said...

Surprised he let the PeopleMover slip in, as the new tomorrowland didnt open till 67 so Walt didnt see it.

Alain Littaye said...

The question of accuracy is, in my opinion, not really important, specially when you're doing a piece of art

K. Martinez said...

I wish I had the talent to do stuff like this. I love the other art on his website. I would have to agree that accuracy is not important in the case of art.

I'm a huge fan of Miroslav Sasek's books and already own several of them. The originals are definitely more colorful. Nice update today. Thanks!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I also agree, but I think that there must be a context for the inaccuracy.

It's the same of a writer writing a novel with many grammar mistakes; he can do that, but only "inside a context".

Well, that is just my opinion.