Friday, November 8, 2013

Shanghaî Disneyland: New Disney Store in Shanghaî Will Serve as SDL Preview Center, and more...

Shanghaî Disneyland will open at the end of 2015 and just like any Disney park visitors will be able to meet and greet with Disney characters. But it would be a good idea if they knew who-is-who before the park open, wouldn't it? And because Disney is aware that chinese don't know the characters as well as we do the company is going to focus to promote them in the next two years.

“In a conference call with Wall Street analysts on thursday Bob Iger announced: "We’ve been building the Disney brand over the years and we will continue to. Until the end of 2015, much of Disney’s activity in China will be focused on growing the theme park brand, not only to make sure people know it’s coming but also (to let them know) what will be in it. That will likely come in the form of TV or online programming that details the construction of the park and specials revolving around the specific attractions".

Iger also added that Disney’s plans in China include boosting the profile of its films and their characters that have attractions designed around them in the Shanghai park: “If there’s a themed attraction based on a certain movie, it’s likely the Chinese will see that movie in the marketplace in a variety of ways so they can better appreciate the story”.

As i also told you recently Disney announced they will build the largest Disney store on the planet in the Lujiazui district of Shanghai, a financial hub of the Asian city. The 53,000-square-foot retail destination will be the first to open in China and the only store in the world to include an outdoor plaza with Disney-themed landscaping.

And during this conference call Iger announced that the store will serve as a "quasi-vistor center" for the park when the store will open early 2015. In two words it means that in addition to a Disney-themed outdoor plaza "where families and kids will be able to interact with characters and stories from Disney , Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars" there will be very probably inside the store an area with pictures, WDI renderings and videos promoting Shanghaî Disneyland which will open at the end of that year. 

Iger also added that the opening of SDK will provide Disney with "a halo effect on the brand, and appreciation of Disney stories and characters. We intend to explore all areas to take advantage of that? But first, we plan on building a great park so that when chinese will go they can appreciate the stories better".

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