Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland: Farewell to "Glow in the Park" Halloween Parade as New Interactive "Animazement Electrical Night Parade" Will Debut in 2014

Those of you who went to HKDL for Halloween have been also the last one to have seen the "Glow in the Park Halloween Parade" as it last performed on Oct31 after running for 7 years. So, it won't come back next year and i've been told that a new parade called Animazement Electrical Night Parade will debut in the second half of next year. 

Interestingly, The new "Animazement electrical night parade" will have a new concept for interacting with guests. As you know the glowing ears in Disney parks are receiving signals and change color. With HKDL new parade there will be new devices to enable guests to send signals for changing colors on the parade floats or costumes. So far, it seems that HKDL "Animazement electrical night parade" will be the first one to introduce this new interactivity with the guests which looks to me as an interesting idea, isn't it? 

One of the reason why HKDL decides to discontinue the Halloween Parade seems to be that they don't want to be too busy on Main Street at night. Instead they prefer to have guests enjoying the attractions in back-lands during the Halloween season. 

Picture: copyright Disney, HKDL


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I imagine that it won't be easy for a parade to interact with dozens of thousands of guests that are lined all along Main Street...

Unknown said...

New incarnation of the Main Street Electrical Parade? I hope so!