Monday, November 4, 2013

Chinese Residents Invited to Choose the Design of the Shanghaî Disneyland Subway Station !

Shanghai's subway operator invited residents to vote for the decoration design plan for the Disneyland metro station, which will run to Shanghai Disney Resort!
Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co Ltd released its six proposals for the decoration of the Disneyland station over the weekend and asked residents to select the most aesthetically pleasing plan. The most popular plan will become an important reference when the station is decorated, the company said.
Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co Ltd and Shanghai Disney Resort said that domestic and overseas design teams submitted 10 design plans in the past two months. The decoration plan is required to integrate Chinese elements, Shanghai culture and The Walt Disney Co features. Under those conditions, six of the proposals qualified for public voting.
Residents can visit the company's website,, or its micro blog to get more information on the six design plans. Voting will end on Nov 17, and the results will be announced at the end of the month.
The Disneyland Line, an extension of Metro Line 11, is expected to open at the same time as Shanghai Disney Resort, which is expected to open in Pudong New District in 2015. The 9.2-km Disneyland Line will use six-car trains and have a maximum speed of 100 km per hour. The first 7.7 km of the line will be above ground.
According to previous media reports, the Disneyland station will be built as an added "attraction" and will take children's needs and convenience into account.
Below, some of the digital concept-arts for the six themes, and you can see all the concept-arts on the Luke and the Temple of Fun website to which i recommend to to do the jump.
Design 1: This one pays tribute to Disney characters and although it seems to fit for the subway station of a Disney theme park, it's may be a bit too obvious... 

...But as say Luke on his site there is a good idea which is that they will decorate the tunnels with film stills ( each one a bit different than the previous one ) so when the train will run they will make an animation, which indeed will be cool. 

Design 2: A Fantasy Journey: This design is more interesting and is done so the guests will enter in a different world as soon as they get off the trains. So far in the votes it's the favorite design. 

Design 3: Four seasons: Designed with no Disney elements this design is supposed to pay tribute to the four seasons. So far, it's the no 2 in the votes of favorite design.

Design 4: Out of this world: This design takes its inspiration from a famous Chinese folk tale: "A Tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring".

Design 5: A Magical Kingdom That Transform Fantasy into Reality: Probably the worst one, with decoration mostly on ceilings and walls.

Design 6: Chinese Festival: This one includes elements of chinese festivals with even a dragon on the top of the exterior structure of the station.

For each design there is many more renderings that you can see, as i've told you, on Luke's website HERE. Go ahead, do the jump, and tell us which one is the favorite!


Allan said...

Is this Disney promoting democracy in China???

Anonymous said...

so which one do you like?

Orlando678- said...

Does someone else see that Neuschwanstein Castle in the back of one of the concept arts?