Friday, May 23, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update Part Two


Here we go for the part two of the Disneyland Paris update, and this time we'll have a look at what's going on inside DLP Magic Kingdom, thanks to great pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

Main Street Transportation Co building as well as Town Square Photography are in refurbishment as we know, but now the Boardwalk Candy Palace facade is also in refurb, and it's a good thing as it needed it.







While we're there let's have a look at the beautiful theming inside Boardwalk Candy Palace.





Let's move to Fantasyland and Sleeping Beauty castle!





At Dumbo Flying Elephant one of the sixteen Dumbo was not working...



Nearby, the rest rooms close to Le Chalet de la Marionnette are closed for refurbishment and the annual refurb of the Pinnochio dark ride nearby will end soon.




At Frontierland some nets have been installed on a part of the queue, since some months now.






New trees have been plant in Phantom Manor courtyard, outside, and they surely wil look great when they'll grow up!


At the entrance of Discoveryland, one of the two basins is still not working...



The water level in Nautilus lagoon is lower than usual due to the refurb on a part of the Nautilus hull.




At Adventureland it's now test time for the trains of the rebuilt Indiana Jones temple, tests are done with empty trains, of course.






We'll end by another refurb at the exit of the parc where stones on the ground are being replaced by new ones, they'll probably do the right part once this left one is finished.




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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome

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Anonymous said...

They are not simply replacing stones at the DLH, they are replacing the stamped concrete (with faux-paved texture) with actual stone paving. A huge improvement!