Monday, May 19, 2014

DLP Update Part One : WDS Ratatouille Ride


Here we go for a new big pictorial update on the Ratatouille attraction, thanks to great pictures of Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Before we start the tour, an important news: the oress event for this awaited Ratatouille ride will happen on June 22. Soft openings should happen soon after that date, probably. Please also note that due to my computer problem this article was posted from my iPad, so pictures might have a bit less definition than usual, sorry about that.

When you arrive close to the Ratatouille site, the first thing that you can see is that the lamposts are now working and plenty of flowers have been added to each building facades. The whole Ratatouile decor looks more gorgeous than ever!

Nothing really to say about the Fast Pass booths, except the Fast Pass sign located over "Fast Pass tickets" and which has been removed last week is back and unchanged.

The fountain in the center of the plaza has now new decor elements - some rat head from which water will come out - but others elements still have to be added.

Nothing new however - at least for the outside - for the merchandise shop.

The red sun-blind of the Bistrot Chez Remy is currently being put in place, a similar one should be added soon for the entrance of the restaurant.

The toilets sign is also in place, and the whole "Imagination" building - in which are the rest rooms and the parisian shop - is now totally hidden, so there is no more visual intrusion!

More pictures and details of the site!

And that's it for today for the Ratatouille news! The second part of this DLP update will come next, so stay tuned on Disney and more! In the meantime i remind you that, to celebrate Disneyland Paris 22nd Anniversary, i'm doing a special offer price on the great Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book - for both ENGLISH or FRENCH editions - and in addition to the special price valid until May 31 it also include a "surprise gift" that everyone who will order the book will receive, and believe me you will love it!  Thanks to this special offer you will save $50 on the normal price, so if you don't own the book yet i'm sure you don't want to miss it! Paypal and credit card payment are accepted, so make sure you to place your order now! 

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome


Cousin Orville said...

The work being done to create such a detailed replica of Paris seems strange given that the real thing is right outside the park.

It is akin to our California Adventure here in Los Angeles. Why does Disney keep spending money to make fake versions of real things that are within a 30 minute drive?

San Diego said...

Considering California Adventure's renewed success and people's positive feelings towards Buena Vista Street, I am looking forward to more placemaking turning Hollywood Pictures Backlot into a 1930s/1940s Hollywoodland. Ratatouille in Paris is a natural fit, and might draw international visitors as well as locals celebrate Parisian food and culture. If they built Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and Hogsmeade in London or in the UK, it would be a huge hit. People go to theme parks for different experiences - even if it's a clean, nostalgic or fun version of what they already know.

Jones said...

The trick is to make it not real, but, in one way or the other, hyperreal (I´ll spare you the excursus on Baudrillard). I always cringe when i read PR material for parks that boasts that "120 craftsmen from country xyz where flown in to assure the utmost authenticity of everything" - makes me want to shout: "Guys, you are completely missing the point!"

Cousin Orville said...

There's no denying it's all done well and guests will enjoy. I just think it'd be more of a unique experience if the Paris thing was built in America and something like Carsland was built in Paris.

Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley are completely immersive experiences that transport you somewhere you can't go otherwise. They may have touches of London, but exist only within the pages of the Harry Potter books.