Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is Disney Preparing the Land to Build a Third Theme Park at Anaheim ?

Is Disney preparing the land to build a third theme park at Anaheim? If we read between the lines of today's Los Angeles Times article HERE it seems that, yes, something seems to be in the plans. 
You see, Disney has a problem with Disneyland and DCA: the parks are "too" successful... 
The rise of the number of visitors as well as the number of AP is in big part of last weekend 
increase of the entrance ticket price - now $96 ! - and they don't have much land to expand 
in these two parks - they have a bit, but not that much.

So, right now "longtime park watchers say now may be the time to dust off plans, dating to 
2000, to build a third park on a 78-acre site just south of Disney's complex on Harbor Boulevard. Those plans were shelved while the company focused on the 2001 opening of Disney California Adventure, which fell short of expectations until a $1-billion expansion in 2012 added the hugely successful Cars Land.
At least for now, Disneyland officials say they are focused on expanding parking. They're buying a lot at the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Ball Road with room for 1,400 parking spaces for employees, freeing up more parking for guests."
So, apparently all these purchases would be to build new parking lots for DLR employees to use the big parking lot for DL and DCA guests. Yes, the same piece of land - the one at the bottom right of the picture above - that was kept to build the third theme park. May be. Or may be not. Others rumors from insider sources are saying that the dream of Star Wars fans to have a Star Wars dedicated theme park instead than a transformation of DL Tomorrowland might become reality. Or almost:
"After Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment Inc. in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012, many fans hoped a third park would feature Marvel superheroes or characters from the "Star Wars" franchise.
"Maybe they'll do Star Wars Land or Indiana Jones Adventure or Marvel characters," said Todd Regan, founder of the Disney blog site "It will be interesting to see what happens."
OR may be the third theme park could be the home for all three, with their own land for each of them, one for Star Wars, one for Indy, one for Marvel super-heroes... see what i mean?
And i have to add that this would be a MUCH better choice than putting a Star Wars land in Tomorrowland and to create a Marvel land in DCA. We'll see what happen, and if they build a third park it won't open tomorrow and certainly not before at least early next decade, but you know what they say: there is never smoke without a fire...
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Mark Hickson said...

Hey, I remember that picture!

Mary Ann St.Clair said...

Why not do it his way build one whole place divided into three different sections
Section 1 Dedicated to Star Wars
Section 2 Dedicated to Indiana Jones
and Section 3 Dedicated to Marvel Comics
Wouldn't this be an opition and would it work? I like this idea tell me what you think.