Thursday, May 22, 2014

First Full Trailer for Big Hero 6 !

Disney has released the awaited full trailer for Marvel's first big screen animated adventure Big Hero 6! Go ahead, watch it, it looks great!


K. Martinez said...

I had a feeling that was going to happen near the end of the trailer. Thanks for posting.

Tom said...

Thanks so much!

I don't like the "humor" in the trailer, but I Love the animation and the characters, the theme and the fact that's it totally different, Marvel and Disney, waw!

Why don't they put the "Marvel" logo in the trailer?

Fact is that I totally disliked the first Frozen trailer, so I think this is the same now, as the trailer doesn't reveal much about the movie and might even not end up in the final film.

Can't wait for november, oh, uh, february 2015?! :(

Allan said...

February 2015???

I thought it was going to be released this year. So no Pixar or Disney animation this year except Plane 2? That sucks.

Jones said...

@ K. Martinez: Anybody who has seen the "Incredibles" trailer had... Disney and Marvel - will never get used to it, sorry, just not my cup of tea (although this looks better than I had expected).