Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bob Iger Wants a Disney's Frozen Musical Show

Bob Iger is very proud of Frozen and the tremendous success for Walt Disney Animation. So far Frozen has grossed $669M and it hasn't opened yet in China and Japan where for sure it will be too very successful. As Iger says in a Fortune interview "Frozen has restored our mojo", and certainly the one of WDA.

Now, we already know this rumor saying that a Frozen ride will replace Epcot Norway's pavilion attraction "Maelstrom" anytime soon, but now we learn that Disney also wants to create a Broadway musical with Frozen. With all the songs included in Frozen and its great script there is for sure a great musical to create out of Frozen and Bob Iger confirms in Fortune that Disney is in discussions to develop a show, though there is no set time frame. "We're not demanding speed" says Iger, "We're demanding excellence".

So, you might have to wait a bit before a Broadway Premiere but my feeling is that a show will come sooner or later. After all when you see decors like the one above showing the Ice Palace it sure will make a nice musical set, wouldn't it? The only question is: will the temperature of the theatre itself be "frozen"?  :-)

You can read the full Fortune article HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney

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Tom said...

Well, I'm not sure...

Beauty and the Beast was good, Tarzan was amazing (but not a succes on broadway), The Little Mermaid was a disaster (in both is incarnations) and Aladdin has still to open. And of course the highly overrated, but big hit, The Lion King, but that one is something different...

The only Disney shows I really liked are AIDA and Mary Poppins (and of course Glöckner, which I never saw myself...). Where AIDA is something for adults only (it's my all-time favorite!!!), Mary Poppins is so great because it was a collaboration with Cameron Mackintosh. He made the show darker that Disney would ever do.

Sorry, I digress ;)

The songs in Frozen are very nice, but as commented earlier, very simple and I don't think they are very strong for a stage performance...

But as with the movie, Disney might surprise us again :)