Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Universal Studios Osaka Harry Potter Wizarding World Update

We always talk about the Harry Potter Wizarding World Diagon Alley coming soon at Universal Studios Orlando or the one for Universal Studios Hollywood but let's not forget that a third "Wizarding World" is currently being built at Universal Studios Osaka, in Japan! So, today, we'll have a look at the works for the one in Japan thanks to screen captures from a great video put on line by "Muppy Lucky", a japanese fan. All my thanks too to Screamscape for the link!

As you will see in these shots shot from different angle in the park, Hogwarts Castle is well in place, and visible from almost everywhere in the park, whether it is from the entrance where the Universal turning globe stands...

...or from inside the park behind Amity Landing...

...or from behind with these closer shots.

He went back at sunset for more additional shots from the lagoon with a beautiful light on Hogwarts Castle!

Now, don't miss the full video below filmed by Muppy Lucky, and watch it in HD 1080p !

Pictures and video: copyright Muppy Lucky


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