Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gorgeous Disney Villains Perfume Bottles Design

I don't often talk about merchandise but i do when there is something really cool and beautiful, like today. 

So, who don't love perfume bottles, specially when they have a beautiful design? Artist Ruby Spark inspired herself from various Disney villains to design these absolutely gorgeous perfume bottles. They should be on sale at Disney theme parks but unfortunately these are not real products. Now, if some folks working at Disney read this article - and i know some do read Disney and more - here is a smart way to start your week: do a copy and paste of the article - or simply the link - and send it to the Disneyland merchandise guys as they should get in touch with Ruby Spark to sell these perfume bottles at DIsneyland. They even have a shop at New Orleans Square which would be perfect for these. Believe me, folks, it'll be a merchandise hit. 

So, which Disney villain inspired each bottle? Have a look below and you'll have the answer but again, i think that Ruby's creations are stunning. Even better: perfect, it couldn't be better. I can't believe that Ruby succeeded to create perfume bottles and capture the "essence" - if i can say - of each character so well that they're instantly recognizable. Great work, really... Would you buy these if they were available at Disneyland?

Pictures: copyright Ruby Spark


Anonymous said...

These are truly amazing and I would buy them at Disney World since that one is closer to where I live than Disney Land :)

Anonymous said...

I love these so much, and yet, there isn't a Shere Khan one! D: