Saturday, January 18, 2014

Was Walt Disney Really Sexist ?

You may have heard that recently in a welcome speech to Emma Thompson Meryl Streep  said that Walt Disney was anti-semite, racist and sexist ( nothing less! ). Then it went on front pages, the Disney fan community was outraged, etc... I won't give my opinion on this as i never knew Walt personally, but if you ask me i would say that i think he was not, or at least not really. But the era was different, so things which are unthinkable now were a bit different back 70 years ago, specially about the status of women. Anyway, i have a good news as, as you can see above, i found a picture which finally prove that Walt was NOT sexist! 
oh, okay, i'm in a provocative mood this morning! Just kidding, folks, just kidding!


Anonymous said...

By today's standards, most people of the 1950s and 1960s were racist, sexist, anti-semitic, and homophobic.

Was Walt any more racist (etc.) than any other powerful man of that era? No, not really. If anything he was considered one of the more kind, generous, and gentler men of his time.

He was, in fact, the best of the bunch.

I feel Meryl Streep was out of line. It not acceptable to attack a man who has been dead for 50 years and cannot defend himself. She should learn to show some respect, especially for the dead.


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I completely agree with you Al!

Nobody is perfect; I'm sure that, like everyone, Walt had his flaws, but he brought a lot of joy to our world, and for that I'm very grateful to him.

Meryl Streep should have kept herself quiet; does she think that she is perfect!