Friday, April 20, 2007

Building Disneyland : a pictorial tribute

When Walt announced the building of the first Disneyland in Anaheim, that was the easy part.
Now that he had announced it to the world, of course, he really had to built it!
So, today, here is a pictorial tribute to the building of the very first Magic Kingdom.
From the top: Walt with the first renderings of the different lands. The Disneyland model ( but i'm not sure this photo is circa 1954 ) . In 1954, Walt on the land , thinking about the "right place". The building of the city hall, of Main street, of the castle at different time of its building. Walt supervising the building of the fort at the entrance of Frontierland. The building of the Carousel. Workers on Main street. Walt looking at the "final touch". The arrival of the Tommorowland rocket. The building of the entrance before opening day, and this famous picture of Walt before the opening; walking through the castle.

All photos: copyright Disney.


Anonymous said...

Good call on the model shot!

The desktop model of DL circa 1954 was MUCH larger. That's a shot of the model that was made for the DL 50th Annualversity display on Main Street.

Unknown said...

Merci pour ces images qui témoignent de l'implication de Walt à toutes les étapes de son projet... Une des clés du succès!

Doctor Bitz said...
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Doctor Bitz said...

I think the last shot of walt in the castle was from 1957.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cool! I love disneyland!