Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disneyland Paris 15th event Candlebration VIDEO

Here is the video of the new Candlebration at Disneyland Paris during the 15th anniversary event , march 31st, including the fireworks. If you're coming to the park during this year of celebration, don't miss it , as it is great!
If you think you've heard the music used during this candlebration before, it's normal: it is the score of the "Peter Pan " movie - not the Disney one, the live action one released two years ago.

Photos and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

No, that's The Year of a Million Dreams score. While it is uncannily similar to the live action Peter Pan score, it is actually the theme score for the worldwide Year of a Million Dreams celebration, and is being used at all the Disney parks especially for the celebration.

Anonymous said...

that is correct. it is the score that was first used in the "year of a million dreams" promotional commercials. it is so beautiful and i am glad they are using it. the rest of the score could be from the live action p.p.

Unknown said...

The year of a million dreams music is from Peter Pan soundtrack. I worked at another theme park that used this music several times a day and I know it very well. It is from Peter Pan.