Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TIKI ROOM Big Figure On Sale Here!

Hello! Regularly, i will sell on "Disney and more" great collectibles that i own and which are not available any more. And if you want it, you can pay them by Paypal! As we are not on ebay, it's not an auction, and the principle of the sale is very simple: the first one who buy it is the new owner of the item! Can't be more simple, no? As long as the item is in the "great collectibles for sale" section it means that it is available. Once it is sold, i will remove it.

Today, this Tiki Room big figure that was released by Disneyland during the 50th anniversary, and is now sold out at the park. The item is 17" high x 17" large and this sculpture of the Tiki Room building is stunning. Everything is include, with the six Tikis and the Tangiroa tree. Building inside and Tangiroa tree have light. Great Tiki Room design all around it! The ultimate collectible for a Tiki Room fan.
The item is new and the price is 295 U.S dollars ( which is approximately the price it was sold at the park when it was released ). If you want it, just send me an email at: , and i will tell you how to procede for the payment.

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