Thursday, April 19, 2007

Islands of Adventure art-work and video tribute

When Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park opened, everybody was stunned: So, Universal was able to build a theme park with a theming as good and detailed as Disney?
Yes, and there were good reasons for that : some of the creators of the park were former Disney Imagineers, and they did a real good job on IOA.

Anyway, the park is indeed beautiful, and here is a "portfolio" of some of the art-work done for each land of the park. In another part to be on line soon , you'll see photos of the huge model of the park , as well as more art-work that were display in the same room where i was invited years ago for a Universal press event. As always, click on each picture to see them in bigger size.

And, to do things perfectly, you'll find below you tube videos of the Cat in the hat attraction, as well as those of "Poseidon's fury " attraction - that probably will be removed for their future Harry Potter's land - , Jurassic park river adventure, and the not-to-be-missed Spiderman ride.

Art-work: copyright Universal Studios


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for those treasure, I'd never seen those artworks. Seems that the Hulk coaster was intented to be a little more ambitious though. And this T-Rex blowing out of the water? wow!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, je vous félicite tout d'abord pour ce nouveau blog particulièrement bien informé et réalisé. Je vous signale que vous annoncez une vidéo de l'attraction "Spiderman" de Islands of adventure, mais que vous avez en fait placé 2 fois la même vidéo de Jurasic Park, or cette attraction Spiderman jouit auprès des amateurs d'une réputation très flateuse qui la rend intéressante à regarder pour nous. J'ajoute qu'il serait très pratique de proposer de souscrire à une newsletter afin d'être informé régulièrement. Encore bravo et merci beaucoup pour ce que vous faites, y compris votre superbe livre.

Fabien Oudot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these treasures! I work at the largest online database for Jurassic Park and also happen to live not very far from Universal. I remember going to it years ago and over the years, hearing rumors about different things having been planned for the park. Helicoptours and the Jurassic Park Jeep Adventure to name some and I was never sure where they were, or how far along they survived in the planning but seeing these images really helps clear that up! They were indeed planned but scrapped. If only we knew why. I hear the parks price tag was spiraling out of control before it even opened. Maybe that's why? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for posting these! It's great to see them In Hi-def for once

When Is the second part going to be online?

Kevin Carter said...

Most of what I have heard says that Poseidon's Fury and Mythos will remain and stay Lost Continent. Only the other attractions will either be rethemed or removed. I would love to see a new storyline for Poseidon's though as the current one is pretty weak.