Saturday, April 21, 2007

Walking with Dinosaurs, The "live experience" video

You love dinosaurs? You love Audio-animatronics? Of course you do! So you're going to love these two videos of the incredible "Walking with Dinosaurs, The live experience" 9 million $ show inspired by the BBC series, here filmed at the Brisbane Entertainment centre.The creative team, with Sonny Tilders as Head of Creature Design, made 15 life-size animatronic/puppet dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and the Flying Ornithoceirus 'the largest creature to ever take wing... with a maximum wing-span of 12 metres (40 feet) and up to 3 metres tall when standing on all fours'. The creatures came to life at the world premiere on 10 Jan 2007 at the Acer Arena in Sydney, and now tour in Australia before taking off around the world.

One of the producers, Malcolm C Cooke, has previously been involved with other puppetry productions including "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and the second production of "The Hobbit" in 2000.

The first video show you the workshop, the creation of these amazing dinosaurs, and , the second one show you some parts of the show itself.

I bet you that, when you will see it, you will think: what the hell is Disney waiting for to create a show using this half-Audio-Animatronic half-pupetteer technique?

Instead of the Animal Kingdom "Nemo, the musical" show - that should fit better in a fantasyland theatre - this is what they should do - and, hey, this Animal Kingdom theatre is only 100 yards from the Dino land!

The only thing that Disney will have to improve a bit from this "Dinosaurs live experience show" is the stage decor itself. But that's the easy part.

Watch this, you're gonna love it!

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