Sunday, April 15, 2007

WDS TOON STUDIO and Tower of Terror Photo Update

So, what's new at Walt Disney Studios Toon Studio - always schedule to open june 9th?
Well, most of the work is almost finished as you will see on the pictures.
Work on Tower of Terror - normally soft-opening in December is going pretty well, too, the structure where the "Hollywood Tower Hotel " letters will be fixed is now in place.
So, from top to bottom:
- The Walt Disney and Mickey statue welcome you at the exit of Studio 1. In the background, Tower of Terror
- A view of the studio 5 - Crush's coaster - from the art of animation building.
- The new floor of the Toon Studio
- The "V8" cafe of the Cars Rally attraction - the neons are already working.
- The same with the now famous big red rock.
- The background decor of the "false" entrance of Toon Town.
- A close shot on Toon Town entrance. There is no "real" Toon Town, it's only a background. decor , also here to hide the "customing" building right behind it.
- A close shot on the neon of the "V8" cafe , also the boarding room of the attraction.
- Right behind the V8 cafe is a background painting inspired by the "Cars" landscape.
- The exterior of the "Crush coaster" attraction.
- The Tower of Terror exterior.
- A close shot showing the structure where the "Hollywood Tower Hotel " letters will be fixed.
As always, click on each picture to see the details in bigger size.

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