Friday, June 20, 2014

Who Said That Disneyland Paris Was Only For Kids ?

This is pretty fun and well done Ad for Disneyland Paris. It involves five "bad" english guys ( well, actually four men and a woman ) winning a trip to DLP without knowing it. The goal is to send the message that DLP is not only for kids... Anyway, actors are perfect and the emotions are not faked, so have a look at it!

Picture and Video: copyright Disney


Jones said...

Quite possibly the worst spot I have seen in my entire life - a shock, really. What kind of message does that send? That DLP is a place for people like *that*? Attract one person like the ones hown here, lose 1000 "regular" customers! I expect a Disney parc to *deny* that sort of person entrance into the parc - and now Disney is trying to *attract* them? Is this some sort of hoax, or is this a real spot?

Alain Littaye said...

It's done with humor...i suspect by the way that it was done by a british agency as it's typically the kind of british humor. Subtle and provocative.
I can't understand what you mean, Jones, but i wouldn't worry too much on the "bad eventual effect" of the Ad...

Mraco said...

The only shocking thing here is Jones's comment... how can people be so ignorant?
Just because these people look different it doesn't mean they're "bad"!
People like Jones show pretty well what's wrong in this world... Sad!
Very well done commercial!!!

K. Martinez said...

I love this ad and think it's the best I've seen from Disney in quite some time. It shows that the Disney experience appeals to the kid in all of us.

Too many times I've seen ads featuring clean cut nuclear families and it can a bit much after a while. It's a pretty diverse world out there, so it's nice to see them using a fresh approach.

@Jones, It's actions and not the way someone looks that matters. I don't under your prejudging a group of people just because they don't match your idea or image of what makes a worthy human being. I'd rather see these people at the park instead of someone with your attitude.

Iain said...

As commented by others, for years DLP have advertised the Parks as places only for sickly sweet 2.4 children families (it's a UK statistic).

It's very good to finally see them acknowledge that there target audience is everyone: families, individuals, groups of friends, the young and old.

I cannot understand @Jones comments where he/she has judged the individuals purely on the way they choose to dress. The style in which people choose to dress/look should not be taken as an indication on how their behave. I've seen plenty of those "sickly sweet" families that DLP has spend years targeting that have then behaved appallingly towards the Parks, Staff and other guests.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant advert! Anyone know the name of the track?

Anonymous said...

I love this ad - definitely made me smile loads. Really shocked at Jones' comment though and I notice that he/she has not defended their view... hopefully ashamed of their ignorance and stupidity!

Thorsten said...


Walt Disney Opening Speech:

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

Jones said...

Ok, maybe I reacted a bit harshly too the clip - but come on, people, you cannot deny that this is not what Walt had in mind when he built Disneyland. Not too many years ago, those guys would not have met Disneyland´s dress code, and would have been denied entrance - that is a simple fact. I am not judging anybody on their appearance, that´s how people look in the real world, no problem - but isn´t Disneyland supposed to be a better, cleaner, safer place than the real world? Ask yourself just one thing: Imagine you run a fine rsataurant, and that group showed up and asked for a table - would you happily give them a table? If your answer is yes, then fine, you are a perfect human being - but if you would politely turn them away, explaining the reason - then i do not know why you are angry at me.
Fact is, i have looked worse than these guys on more than one occasion, and I have been judged on those looks on more than one occasion - and that is fine with me, because it is only human. But if I go to Disneyland, I do not choose a look that is meant to show my *contempt* of the values and beliefs that created a place like Disneyland in the first place.
Of course, I may be terribly wrong - that´s why I asked several people I know what they think about the people in the spot. More than half told me they´d feel, in some way or other, uncomfortable among them - because of how the look, and because of how they are portrayed, i.e. as completely stupid ("is that where they have the Eifel Tower?").
To cut this short: I feel that the question implicitly raised by my post - how much diversity can a place like Disneyland tolerate without losing its ambiance? - is important and worth being discussed. That it came across as somewhat fascist is only logical, because Disneyland has been linked to fascism many times by many scholars. I also understand why quite a few people did not like what I was saying - but judging someone on some short post ("people like jones") is at least as questionable as judging somebody on their looks...

For anybody interested in the questions raised: I higly recommend Yi-Fu Tuan and Steven Hoelscher´s essay "Disneyland - it´s place in world culture". Interesting and thought-provocing read.
Sorry for the long post!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Sorry Jones, but I completely disagree with you.

It's obvious that a fancy restaurant should have a strict dress code, but not a Theme Park which is an informal place, a place for everyone.

I have many friends who dress like this and they are really nice people, not violent, not stupid, have regular jobs, a family...

I really like Rock N' Roll/ Rockabilly (I dance it with my wife), Hot Rods, Kustom Culture, Motorcycles, 1950's American culture..., and I go to many Hot Rods/ Rockabilly events and many people in those events dress like this, I sometimes do, and those clothes really don't define who the person is.

By the way, I see much more aggressive and rude people in fancy night clubs wearing fancy clothes, than I do in those Hot Rods/ Rockabilly/ Motorcycle events.

Mick Wood said...


I am shocked at how narrow minded you are!!!

As one of the 5 "Bad Boys" who appeared in this wonderful commercial I can guarantee you that not only were we welcomed with smiles and politeness by every member of staff and customers of DLP - without exception but the reactions you see from all of us are very real.

Not only have Disney broken boundaries with this commercial (it was made by the French btw - not the English) but the reception (over 1 million hits in 2 weeks) has been 99.9 % positive - nothing like the way you would portray it.

Your narrow minded prejudice against how somebody "looks" (which you defend by saying you have looked "worse"?!?) is everything that this world - and Disneyland does not need.

Thanks for the insult - but it really doesn't hurt coming from such a bigoted minority as yourself.

Mick "Monsta" Wood.