Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Imagineering Behind-the-Scenes Video of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Audio-Animatronics !

Jesus... will this incredible day with plenty of awesome news ever end? After the Star Wars 7 casting announcement and the ones about the new huge investments in SDL and TDR - see articles below - Walt Disney Imagineering release a new "behind the scenes" video showing the making of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Audio-Animatronics!

As you'll see in the video below they've worked in team with animators of Walt Disney Animation Studios who went back to the original film to study each Dwarf’s individual motions and even facial expressions in order to get them just right for the AAs that guests will see in the awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

Not only they used the face projection effect on the dwarfs but also on some of the little animals...

And here is the Imagineering video! Go ahead, watch it in full screen mode!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Matt Hunter Ross said...

So amazing! Can't wait to get back to WDW!

These digital projections look top notch, and the great thing about hinging facial expressions on digital images rather than mechanical means, is their modularity. With animatronic upgrades like this combined with MagicBands, we could see more personalized interactivity within rides in the future - perhaps one of those little guys calling out our name as we roll through their mine.

Great work, Imagineering!

Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus for new tech! Love the fact no matter if you believe or don't everyone has to say the name of Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Well, I find this writer as well as so many others blasphemous. But, they don't care. Nor do they care that they offend others. I guess as long as it doesn't bother them, they are happy.