Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland Third Hotel Will be Named "Disney Explorers' Lodge"

You knew that Hong Kong Disneyland announced recently that a third hotel will be built on site, between the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the Hollywood Hotel, two renderings were released and we now have the name and the logo of this future hotel which will be named "Disney Explorers' Lodge"!

Many of you had noticed that on the renderings above and below the outside of the hotel looked like the Animal Kingdom Lodge, well now we know why as it will be also a "lodge", although probably with a different theming. I line its name as HKDL Imagineers can do a great theming with this name, with "explorers" props from all around the world. And i wonder if the ones that were previously in WDW Adventurer's Club that they didn't used in Mystic Point will find a new home in this new hotel... probably, if they still have some.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Tom said...

I really like the theme and I like the name!

Great choice for a great new hotel in a great Disney Resort :)

Unknown said...

I always imagine that this would have been a good theme for a paris hotel!

Anonymous said...

What a cool name! I'm expecting a Western themed hotel or Caribbean hotel (if they finally get Pirate Coast built) next.