Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Press Event - Official Pics and On-Ride Video ! Now Edited with FULL Ride Videos !

The awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Press Event is currently happening at WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland and Disney released a set of great pictures as well as two videos including one showing half of the ride!

Editing: That's it, we now have a REAL FULL RIDE POV video of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train including the final scene, and more, thanks to Theme Park Review!

And here is another one filmed by WDW Magic, also ( twice ) full ride, with better colors than the other one below but which strangely don't show the final cottage scene.

This next one filmed by Inside the Magic will show you the ride at night and, important note, because of the night time you see much better the inside of the cottage at the end with the dwarfs and Snow White!

But here is may be the best Seven Dwarfs Mine Train video filmed by Big Fat Panda. And it's because it's a multi angle video and it also shows the interactive queue at the start, so it worth to give it a look!

Disney also released a fantastic video shot from helicopter and showing the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and all Fantasyland ( and even more ) from above! Don't miss this one!

This next video shows the reverse angle, and is interesting as it shows a family riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Sure, you won't see the decor as well as in the other videos below but the amazement and fun of the two children in the foreground is charming, really and you understand why the coaster is going to be very successful with young kids.

You've probably noticed that there is a little story in this ride. You see first the dwarfs at work in the mine, then it's time for them to go back home and i think the chinese shadows scene on the wall with them is a great idea, and it also legitimate why you can see them again dancing inside the cottage at the end of the ride as they went back home. And you even have the witch waiting its hour outside.

I think they did a great work on this attraction and i'm definitely impressed by the theming of everything and specially by the quality of the outside rocks sculpture which i find amazing, really.

And now, here we go with great official pictures! Below, the seven dwarfs at the entrance of the attraction.

As you know there is an interactive queue and he first shot below shows guests at the first interactive station in the attraction queue, where Doc’s note explains the jewel washing game. As the jewels flow by in a wooden trough, or sluice, guests touch and drag them into a tray on the side of the sluice, matching them by color and shape. The trough is about 15 feet long and is accessible from both sides.

Another scene from the interactive queue. Here guests, by turning the diamonds can see images appearing on the ceiling. You'll see the scene in the video below.

This first Disney video below will show you a bit of the interactive queue...

And this next one from Inside the Magic will show you all the interactive queue!

And now, all aboard for a ride through the forest and the dwarfs mine.

Below, great pictures of the scenes with the dwarfs with the new Audio-Animatronics.

Right after these scenes the train goes out of the mountain for this big drop below... 

...and then pass on the little bridge above.

You've probably noticed that due to the daylight we can't see very well on the videos the inside of the cottage at the end of the ride. Thanks to the nighttime video from Inside the Magic we can see it much better and i did from it two screen captures sticked together.

Also, here is the evil witch standing behind the cottage at the very end!

Let's end with the Disney POV ride video. The one they've released as a "full ride POV video", is not, a big part is missing. But you'll see the inside scene above with the dwarfs AAs. Unfortunately they've put on the video a music which has absolutely no link with the story and probably with the ride which is pretty bad, so not only it shows just a part of the ride but you also don't hear the real soundtrack of the ride.

Pictures and video: copyright Disney, theme Park Review, WDW Magic

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...


It's nice and charming, but it's not an E ticket.

The projected faces are not bad, but I think it makes the skin glows and IMO it's a little weird. I prefer the full AA faces, like the one of the witch at the end of the ride.

With today's technology, it's possible to make a good, articulated and convincing AA face, just look at Disneyland's Lincoln, what I mean is that there's no need for projected faces other than budget reasons.