Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tokyo Disney Resort Unveil Its Strategy Until 2023 !

Oriental Land Company - translate : Tokyo Disney Resort - released yesterday its annual report with plenty of good financial news as TDR welcomed 31.3 million visitors in the fiscal year ending March 31, a record attendance thanks to Tokyo Disneyland 30th anniversary. That means a 13.8% increase in attendance over the previous year and OLC also reported that per-guest spending rose on top of the attendance increase, with per-guest spending up 4.5% overall, led by an 8.4% increase in merchandise sales.

Now, there is more interesting news in this annual report as Oriental Land explain in details what will be their strategy, and this up to 2023! I did a selection of the most interesting pages and you can download the full annual report HERE.

This first page describes the medium-term plan.

The next one reveal they intend to "execute investment for new growth outside the Maihama area ( Maihama is where TDL and TDS are currently located ). No more details so may be it means a new theme park outside Tokyo's area, may be not.

The next page, though, brings a bit more infos as they explain that the "new business" outside the Maihama area is "a business that can bring dreams, moving experiences, happiness and contentment by offering unprecedented value and experiences".
Sounds to me like a perfect definition of a theme park, doesn't it?  :-)

This next page is about their strategy to a tract more guests in the theme park segment, and you'll note that they're looking to attract as many overseas guests as possible...

This next page is where they reveal their investment in the next ten years of 500 Billion Yen ( 4.88 Billion Dollars ) that i told you about in yesterday's article.

In this next page we learn they plan to "sequentially launch large scale investment projects" that will help to maximize the value of the theme parks.

Again, Oriental Land to "be prepared to welcome more guests from overseas". There must be a reason why they insist on this...

The next one is all about coming attractions and projects. Don't get too excited as they don't reveal anything else that we already know. May be also because their choice of rides up to 2023 is not done yet.

The next pages are about the 2016 medium-term plan is more about "sustainable growth of the core business"...

The next two pages are the last ones from the 2013 annual report.

Pictures: copyright Oriental Land Co


Anonymous said...

It sounds like they're going to redevelop the lands in the Magic Kingdom park. Well overdue, I think. The Tokyo Magic Kingdom has never stood out from a design point of view, IMHO.

The "World Bazaar" (instead of a Main Street) lacks authenticity and charm, especially with that giant roof and the anything-anywhere theme.

Tomorrowland has a very dated 70's style.

Fantasyland has less of the lovely Bavarian-style quaintness seen in DLP.

In fact the whole park is too spacious, having a less intimate, detailed feel. Although the maintenance on the park is, of course, so good that everything looks like it just opened yesterday. Yet the design itself could be so much better; just look at how incredible Disney Sea is next-door. The contrast is huge!

steve2wdw said...

This powerpoint presentation needs to be copied and pasted and sent to WDW management!