Saturday, May 3, 2014

" Great Things Are Coming "is Back !

As you can see the "Great Things are coming" header is back on the front page of Disney and more and if we except the "Monsters Inc Door coaster" for DCA which is rumored to have been cancelled and the Star Wars land which might have some delay and come in the U.S later than 2018 all the rest mentioned in the header is still a go.

By the way now that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster is open what's next for 2014? Well, on May 29 the new projection show Once Upon a Time will debut at TDL, then at the end of June we will probably have at DLP WDS the press event of the awaited Ratatouille ride, in July the lights will turn on Universal for the big opening of Harry potter Diagon Alley at USF, and in September HKDL first permanent nighttime parade "Disney Paint the Night" will debut. There you have the program for the next five months!

Finally, the promo price on the Disneyland Paris book at 60€ only will last until May 31 and the direct link to the book website to place your order is HERE. Don't miss it!

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