Friday, May 2, 2014

What Makes Seven Dwarfs Mine Train a Unique Ride

Let's start first with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train dedication that happened this morning by Tom Staggs, Snow White, and of course the Seven Dwarfs. Short but cute dedication as you can see below.

The good guys of Inside the Magic filmed a video of the dedication that you can see below.
They did a big report on the press event with plenty of videos so make sure to check their others articles, too.

Now, to come back to the title of this article, what's make Seven Dwarfs Mine Train a unique ride? Sure, there is the new Audio-Animatronics with the rear projection effects for the Dwarfs faces... and then there is gorgeous theming everywhere... and of course the fantastic rock sculptures which i like personally really a lot, also because it's a different kind of rocks / shape than the one they did previously in others attractions.

But there is something else that makes this mix of dark ride and family coaster unique and here is what it is: if you remember all the others dark rides created by Walt DIsney Imagineering - Peter Pan's Flight, Pinnochio, Snow White Scary Adventures, etc... they all finish well after the guests have been through the usual encounter with the evil character. I mean: the last scene is generally a typical "and they lived happily ever after..." scene, right?

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is different. Contrary to the old Snow White dark ride there is no scary scenes and it's a happy ride all along, whether because of the scenes inside the mine or in the dwarfs cottage at the end, and not to mention the coaster itself and the new twisting vehicles which for sure will enjoy everyone. But, also contrary to the old dark ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train doesn't end on a "happily ever after" scene, it ends with a "threatening" scene, as the very last thing that the riders can see is the evil witch waiting its time outside the cottage, with her basket full of poisoned apples!

 Chronologically speaking all the scenes are in perfect respect to the original movie storyline. In the movie the witch indeed appear at the cottage after Snow White dances with the dwarfs, so on this plan everything is right. In fact where the old dark ride was telling the Snow White story from the start to the end - in a way sometime too scary for very young children - the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train concentrate on the dwarfs themselves and the middle part of the movie. Still, it ends almost with a "cliffhanger" with the evil witch who as we know will poisoned Snow White anytime soon.

And that's another element which makes this brilliant ride unique, the fact that at first sight it ends well - the dance in the cottage - but with a scene including the threatening evil character, not defeat,  just two seconds later.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Movie: copyright inside the Magic


arch2521 said...

The witch is a wonderful addition; a great part to that final tableau. What I enjoy most about that scene is that it reminds me of all those great displays you experience in the Efteling Fairytale Forest. There’s something quaint about peering into the window, watching the inhabitants go about their business, completely unaware of your presence. Except the witch, who acknowledges your existence, but clearly is aware you are in no position to change the unfolding of events. Should we view this attraction as a prequel of sorts to the original Snow White ride? Even though her movements are minimal, you can tell great care went into making her give a great performance. Subtle moves, which in my opinion surpass the recent Ariel figure installed just across the path. The witch really does cap off the ride, let’s hope she stays, given the outdoor treatment. The experience would suffer from her absence.

arch2521 said...

Oh, and wonderful blog! I've been following for awhile now, and when I saw you did a post on this, I knew I had to respond. Thanks for making mornings a little more bearable!

Alain Littaye said...

Thanks for your kind words, arch2521, and about your comment about the witch i couldn't have say it better than you did!

Anonymous said...

I love the twist of the witch at the end. I saw it earlier in the day on an unofficial nighttime ride through, something the official disney parks blog videos have left out. Though you really need to add a Spoiler Alert for your readers about this, leave it as a nice surprise for riders ;)

Dreemfinder said...

I think you've overlooked the one thing that really sets this ride apart from anything else Disney -- or anyone else -- has done. It's a thrill ride with an emotional moment in the middle of it! They manage to completely recreate one of the most charming moments of the original film -- The Dwarfs' knocking off work and starting home as they swing into their beloved theme song!