Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland Announces $4.8 Billion in Spending During the Next Ten Years !

Right when i thought that the announcement by Disney and Shendi of an additional investment of $800M for Shanghaî Disneyland to add more rides and shows on opening day would be the biggest news of the day ( see article below or HERE ) the Oriental Land company also announced - are you seated? - that they promise an additional 
$4.8 Billion in spending during the next ten years! 

With an addition of $800M Shanghaî Disneyland will add for sure many great attractions but i can't imagine what Tokyo Disney Resort will do with $4.8 Billion during the next decade! That makes $480 M per YEAR and although they didn't announced what will be created with this huge amount we can expect new wonders at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!

Oriental Land also announced recently that Tokyo Disney Resort welcomed 31.3 million visitors during the fiscal year ending March 31, a record attendance due in large part by TDR 30th anniversary. Also, Oriental Land revealed that they're looking at adding new investments outside the Maihama district where Tokyo Disney Resort is located. But they didn't released any specific details, including if they plan to open a new theme park outside Tokyo. But with $4.8 Billion they surely have enough money to build a new theme park wherever it will be...

Picture: copyright Disney


d_fallen_1 said...

4.8 Million?! That's a second Tokyo Disney Sea! While I doubt the prospects of a third gate, I assume that there will be another E-ticket attraction at TDS in the horizon, and a HUGE one at that.

mr.Lime said...

There's not much open space left in TDSea, so the only attraction I see them build there is Indy's Soarin' next to Indy's Adventure.

On the other hand TDland needs a serious make-over, especially Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Both look almost exactly as they did in the 80s, so a lot of money will go there I think.

And will the Rivers of the Far West disappear to make room for Radiator Springs Racing?